Rianne Roodbeen has teamed up with Judith Koe to introduce Wobbelyoga to kids and adults in the Netherlands and far beyond. But our team continues to grow

Rianne works as a pedagogue and yoga teacher for kids in Amsterdam when she comes across the Wobbel in the beginning of 2017. After a good start with Hannelore, the founder of Wobbel, she translates yoga for kids to the Wobbelboard. In April Wobbelyoga makes a jump start and it triggers response from all over the world. Rianne currently shares her knowledge of Wobbelyoga with other teachers of kidsyoga. This way children in The Netherlands and far beyond can enjoy the Wobbel. Wobbelyoga will put a big smile on their face and isn’t that the best there is?

Judith is a yin and vinyasa teacher and she teaches yoga classes to both teenagers and adults, with and without use of the Wobbel. Judith has been involved in Wobbelyoga classes and events before and behind the scenes since 2018!

Griet Muyshondt is the warm and loving owner of Levenscirkel. On a special place in Sint Martens Bodegem she offers a beautiful program for children, adults and professionals. While you follow your lessons here you look out over wonderful nature. In 2018, she started with Wobbelyoga classes and since 2020 Griet also organizes the Wobbelyoga Teacher workshops in Begium. Want to know more about her program? Check levenscirkel.com

Together with her husband, Vanessa Demeulemeester is the warm smile behind the beautiful training center, Amba-amba in Belgium. In Desselgem, Vanessa has been teaching Wobbelyoga classes to children and adults since 2018 and since 2020 she offers the Wobbelyoga Teacher workshops. Want to know more about her program? Check amba-amba.be

Philippine is a speech therapist and passionate yoga teacher. She has lived in Germany since 2017, where she started Studio Flip. She visited the Netherlands to attend our Teacher workshop and since that day she offers Wobbelyoga classes to children and adults. Her life motto is: “Wer fliegen will muss loslassen können was ihn runterzieht”.

Studio Flip is the first Wobbelyoga Teacher location in Germany and Philippine is happy to tell you more about her Teacher program. Go to studio-flip.de for more information.

Vilayrack founded Sabaidee Kids, a yoga school for children in France and has been sharing Wobbelyoga with the children since 2018. She is a former nursery director and especially enjoys teaching yoga to toddlers. 

With the Sabaidee Kids School she offers Wobbelyoga training to children’s yoga teachers all over France since 2022 with a lot of passion and joy! 

For more information about Vilayrack, go to sabaidee-kids.fr