We developed our International Teacher Package for you!

In this way, children all over the world can enjoy Wobbelyoga.

When you have a basis as a children’s yoga teacher you can order your own Teacher Package with a special discount on the Wobbelboards to start with your classes. You will get access to our private page for Wobbelyoga teachers and will receive a warm welcome from our group of teachers around the world!

What will you find in our Online Teacher Package:

  • Our Teacher document with a lot of inspiration and all the information about the Wobbelboard and Wobbelyoga.
  • You can download the logo and pictures for your own use.
  • You will also find the Wobbel cards and Memory game that you can use in your lessons.
  • We schedule video meetings where all teachers can meet each other.
  • Feel welcome to request an online coaching session with Rianne.
  • We will mention you on our socials and wobbelyoga.com so we can create an international network of Wobbelyoga teachers.
  • And of course you are welcome to join the private Facebook group where all Wobbelyoga teachers worldwide can connect, inspire and exchange knowledge.

You can buy our Online Teacher Package for 125 euros