Join Wobbelyoga in your own living room!

A boat, a butterfly, snake or superhero?

Everything is possible! With these 24 cards (in five languages!) we invite everyone to play and move together on the Wobbel and join Wobbelyoga at home. The cards were created in collaboration with Wobbel and a physiotherapist.

What makes the Wobbel unique…

The Wobbel is a special addition to children’s yoga. At home, you can easily experience elements of it through play.

On the Wobbel, every form of movement requires continuous adjustment of balance. Attention is paid to gross motor skills, strength, coordination and concentration. The rhythmic movements also create more calmness in their bodies and heads.

This rhythmic movement feels very nice for many children. As adult, you will also feel it yourself.

If you want to invite your child to calm down and relax on the Wobbel, you can offer the rhythmic movement in different fun ways.

A favorite of many children is the car. Place a toy car on your Wobbelboard and place a foot on either side. This way you can slowly drive from one side to the other. The car can also go through a tunnel. By getting down on your knees on the Wobbel and putting your hands on the edge. With your knees slightly apart, the car will drive in and out of the tunnel!

Clay also makes the rhythmic movement extra fun and challenging. Use clay to make a road on the Wobbel. By closing the sides a ball can move back and forth along the curves made.

If it is autumn, go into the woods together and look for chestnuts and acorns. The shape of the acorns will make balancing extra challenging! With Christmas use a (non breakable :)) Christmas ornament and with Easter an Easter egg. Fun guaranteed!


After a Wobbelyoga class we often make a beautiful mandala on our Wobbel. You can also do this at home! For example, collect shells, feathers, leaves, buttons or felt figures and place them in a beautiful circle. Create your own artwork. Want to color your own Wobbelyoga mandala? We love to share our mandala’s with you!

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Have fun!