Frequently Asked Questions

For what age is Wobbelyoga?

The yoga lessons on the Wobbel are suitable for kids from the age of 4. Toddlers can also enjoy the Wobbel together with their mom or dad. When it comes to Wobbelyoga, height is more important than age. Up to 1.35cm kids are best off on the Original board. This normally means that classes for kids up to the age of 7 are taught on the Original and from 7 years onwards on the Wobbel XL.

Where can I take classes?

On this page you can find all the locations.

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I am organizing a festival or event. Can Wobbelyoga be part of this?

For sure! We would love to come to your location with our Wobbels. Get in touch with us for more information.

Can Wobbelyoga come to our school?

That’s also possible! The entire team of Wobbelyoga has a background in pedagogy and Rianne have been teaching for many years. It will be our pleasure to bring the Wobbels to school and introduce Wobbelyoga to teachers and kids. Send us a message for more information

I am a kids yoga teacher and would like to start teaching Wobbelyoga. Is that possible?

Of course it is! We love it when Wobbelyoga spreads all across The Netherlands and beyond. More information you will find here.